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Where Can I Buy Cream Chargers

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Ever since cream chargers were introduced to the world in the 20th century, their popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, whipped cream chargers are used for a variety of purposes, predominantly in the food and beverage sector, because of their ability to introduce pressurized nitrous oxide (N2O) gas into an edible liquid and aerate it, efficiently and safely.

Besides being profusely used for commercial applications, nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers have also made their way into many households across Europe in the last couple of years. Since more and more people are now willing to replicate culinary creations inside their homes, the demand for N2O cream chargers is quite likely to surge in the coming years. However, to ensure personal safety and achieve phenomenal results, it is advised to use NOS canisters from reputable brands like Fast Gas, Cream Deluxe or similar brands.

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A whipped cream charger is primarily a steel cartridge or cylinder, which is filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) gas. As a whipping agent, it is used in a whipped cream dispenser. N2O canisters come with a foil covering on its tapered end that is broken to release the gas with pressure. A sharp pin in the whipped cream dispenser is used to break the seal. Interestingly, hybrid type rocket engines also make use of N2O cream chargers as an oxidizer. However, the most basic use of N2O cream chargers is to create high-quality whipped cream for hot beverages and dessert toppings. Beside, they can additionally be used for other culinary applications like imparting desirable texture to some specific components of sweet and savory dishes.

Cream whip chargers are also great for creating cocktail foams (espumas in Spanish), mousses, sauces and flavored cream for puddings. Nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers are also used to give finishing touches to gourmet dishes, hot beverages and even cold coffee. Besides, cream charger pallets allow you to infuse alcoholic beverages like cocktails, oils and vinegar in a matter of minutes, instead of two weeks, thereby saving you a lot of time. For all these reasons and more, it's now regarded as an excellent or rather important kitchen tool.

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Nitrous oxide (N2O) cream chargers are becoming increasingly popular because of the many benefits they offer. Below we've listed some of the advantages of using N2O canisters:

  • It's a superb alternative to making whipped cream in the traditional manner, which utilizes fat-rich stabilizers like gelatine or agar. Since cream gets aerated in a closed system inside cream whippers, it gets quickly chilled. Therefore, it doesn't need extra ingredients to main its light, airy texture. Moreover, this leads to a better taste since such stabilizers often tend to mask the real flavor of your preparations.
  • Another obvious advantage of 580g N2O cream chargers is their ability to keep sauces and foams fresh for a longer period of time, which lets you prepare them well in advance. Since cream dispensers have an airtight seal, even the most delicate mixes (including egg or dairy) can possibly last for over a week when stored appropriately. In commercial settings, this duration can be several days, but it's still an excellent way of preservation.
  • Whipped cream chargers can be used to add bulk and shape to non-aerated dressings and sauces. This gives you enough opportunities to experiment with your preparations. In the presence of pressure, the sauce binds well with the dish (great for coating pasta) and enhances the flavors too. Moreover, with added gas, the airy mix has way more volume than wat you achieve with traditional methods, hence your cylinder lasts longer and saves you money in the long run.
  • Whip cream chargers, for example in a 580g N2O format offer the fastest way to infuse different flavors into alcoholic beverages like cocktails. Instead of two weeks it takes less than two minutes to infuse your desired flavor to any alcoholic beverage. Nitrous oxide, when released from a whipped cream charger inside a whipped cream dispenser causes the primarily liquid and the nitrous oxide gas to combine organically with the flavoring agent under huge pressure. When the pressure in the cream dispenser is released, the gas forms bubbles and fully absorbs the flavor of the agent. When you combine an alcoholic beverage and aromatic agent in a whipped cream syphon, the flavor infusion process takes place in a matter of minutes rather than a few weeks while keeping the flavors as good as what you obtain with the traditional method.


While there are many manufacturers and retailers of whipped cream chargers, it's highly recommended to buy one from an established, reliable brand to ensure personal safety and great quality of the final product. 580g N2O cream charger cylinders are considered perfect for both homes and commercial use and they are easily available online. If you are willing to buy cream chargers in bulk, you are quite likely to get them at a great price with fast and free delivery. Trusted online retailers like Fast Gas do have customer-friendly return and refund policies, so you don't have to worry about your money incase you didn't like the product or found it unsatisfactory.

Some of the best brands are

  1. Mosa
  2. SmartWhip
  3. FastGas
  4. Liss

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